Quinn Rennerfeldt (Q) is a mountain-bred gal turned Pacific mermaid. She loves fresh raspberries, quiet libraries, shutting down nonsense, her fuzzy armpits, and poetry’s penetrating gaze. Prose poems and found poetry are her current obsession.


When not writing, Q can be found on contemplative walks, seeing drag and burlesque shows, and raising two strong, sparkly, inquisitive girls.


Originally from the middle of Kansas, Audrey Lawson-Sanchez (A) has called many places her home - including mountain towns and sinking cities. She loves a good-looking dog, dark leafy greens, sharing audiobooks with her dad, and not giving a damn.

When not writing, A leads an advocacy nonprofit, wanders around art museums, and by the skin of her teeth somehow manages to wrangle a houseful of human and non-human critters.

Q and A’s friendship formed through many nights of whiskey and writing Exquisite Corpse poems in the blurry days of their youth. They have remained comrades through their shared passion for feminism, 90s retro revival, and most of all, poetry.

In Bloom