Issue #15


Anna Winham

you cannot taste your own tongue, i think,

or maybe only mine is tasteless. no

measuring stick on reality, i pour out

lies about myself: this is the miracle of language.


freedom dreams/dreams of myself.

i build universes inside an hour,

inside a page, inside a tasteless brain. i cannot


why you like me: me i cannot imagine, or

imagine in infinite iterations.

words are slow. i am already

not what i was. i am always

practicing my loss of myself, spinning

words like enough lies will save me.

Anna Genevieve Winham writes and performs with The Poetry Society of New York. While double-majoring in English and Linguistics at Dartmouth College (which was the pits), she won the Stanley Prize and the Kaminsky Family Fund Award. She writes at the crossroads of science and the sublime, cyborgs and the surreal. As curious about your computer code as your existential dread, she flips from physics to fiction inside the same breath.

Letter to Marie Curie

Elizabeth Janey

I’m writing to tell you that I am well,

as I hope you are. Recently, it seems

the way hands move becomes more difficult.

I can see why you like to own cats, their

limber paws stretch toward paradise

Tell me your first steps on this day,

I walked to the threshold of my body

of               atoms a house of life

the outside is beautiful          I can see

it is simply unstable salts          emitted rays

If I moved here     to here have I truly

been a good keeper to those molecules.

Truly hope you are doing well Marie

do you, & I, think about losing god

particles shed from bodies of light.

Missing many parts, does your body hurt,

I cannot seem to cure the light leading

light to you.     I hope you are very well.

For I am so very worried Marie.

For you & I, how does radiation feel

we are so

Elizabeth Janey is an emerging poet and interdisciplinary writer. She currently lives in Iowa City where she studies Psychology, writing, & Spanish. Her work has been featured in various publications, online and in print, including Fools Magazine & Spect Magazine. Find her on Instagram @elizabeth.a.j