Issue #21


Carrie George

I dropped a full roll of toilet paper into the toilet this morning

after hitting the snooze one-too-many times.

The coffee has yet to be ground.

The dog cannot take herself out.

These days, I’m flossing less, sweeping loose gravel out of doorways, wiping mucus from my

dog’s old eyes.

Yesterday a coworker told me you are a woman, you can’t say sorry so much, and I bit my tongue

on the word, swiveled around in my chair and signed off on an email.

All my best.

It’s only Tuesday by the time my partner finishes this week’s prepped meals.

He asks first if it’s ok to eat the final bites, but I can’t even say no

to the ones I don’t love.

Rice: Whole grain. Black beans: Unsalted.

I search online for larger rice cookers, though

I only ever browse, never purchase or even add to cart.

For the third time today, I consider sewing closed the holes

in all my pants. Consider the stock market. Consider the dying alone.

Consider the genetic tailoring it would take to give my future children gills.

My partner asks why there’s a roll of toilet paper sitting in the trashcan.

Imagine how it would have looked by now, hours later, if I had left it in the shallow water,

small flakes of paper stripping off, floating like feathers, fingernails.

Islands of the self, disintegrating.

Carrie George is an MFA candidate for poetry at the Northeast Ohio MFA program. She is the current graduate fellow at the Wick Poetry Center in Kent, Ohio. As fellow, Carrie has the opportunity to participate in various outreach programs and spread poetry throughout the community. Her work has appeared on and in journals including Spectrum Literary Journal, Scribendi, Gordon Square Review, and Watershed Review. Website: Instagram: @carriegeorgephoto.

pink, like your brain: an index

Sal Kang

PINK > ages 1~18

pink as in anime blush > age 17

pink as in “are you gay?” > age 16

pink as in Blue’s girlfriend > age 8

pink as in carnaria seashells, fibonnacied perfectly > age 16

pink as in drool, mixed with > ages 15~18

red lipstick > age 15

blood > also age 15, but mostly an ongoing problem

pink as in erythredema, chicken pox, mosquito bite > age 10

pink as in gaping hole > age 15

pink as in gums, lips, tongue > age 7, then again at 14

pink as in pig > age 13

pink as in Pynk & Dirty Computer > age 16

pussy power > age 18 (still working on it)

pink as in raw meat > ages 5~18

pink as in rosé wine > age 16

pink as in skin puncture > ages 9~18

from acne > age 14

from biting > age 9

pink as in spanked ass > age 14? maybe 15?

pink as in to pink, with scissors > age 18

pink as in womanhood, misconstrued > ages 1~18

“you’re a girl, aren’t you?” >>

Sal is a professional sluggard and occasional writer who spends most of her free time sleeping and reading Anne Carson. Her work has been published inCanvas Literary Journal, The Rappahannock Review,andYes Poetry,among others. She can be found tweeting at @nini_kang.