Issue #37

poem for valentine’s day #21

MP Armstrong

borrowed honey waits in the pantry

so much honey that the bees envy me

honey drizzled into my mouth in lazy half-tablespoons

so much honey i could leave tomorrow

throw every flower lip and chocolate tongue

under the snow-ready wheels of passing traffic chains spiderwebbed

over black rubber branding squishy pink petals into lacework flush

against the pavement i could puppet that roadkill into a real heart by morning

strings sticking up from hollow stems straight and sharp

as needles and blood milky and sweet and gold sinking into pebbled concrete

do you think your ticker could survive an ohio winter?

mine doesn’t even need to try.

mine holds hands with the morton girl

opens its legs in brackish water

waits for yours to wake up

make out with the salt lick

curdle the honey

MP Armstrong is a 20-year-old disabled queer writer from Ohio, studying English and history at Kent State University. Their work appears or is forthcoming in Perhappened, Prismatica Magazine, and Hominum Journal, among others, and their debut chapbook, who lives like this for such a cheap price?, is published by Flower Press (2021). Find them online @mpawrites and at


Cheryl Aguirre

If you cut me open,

Would I bleed?

Would it be glittering

Shining jewels and

Entrails segmented

With white fat and

Filmy juice

Pomegranate potent

Bursting and ripe?

Or is it matte and deep,

Like leaves perched

Before their fall?

It’s so lewd

All of the muscle

Flashing itself

Violently, ecstatically.

How arousing and

Confusing it must be.

Caesarean cuts are

Red greedy slits

Opened, then sutured.

Pregnant women are

Like tomatoes,

Or overripe plums

When it’s all said and done.

Cheryl Aguirre is a queer biracial poet based in Austin, Texas. You can find their previously published work in Ghost City Press, decomp journal, and The Whorticulturalist. You can follow them at @drowsy_orchid on Instagram and @Wheat_Mistress on Twitter.